May 24, 2021

As we approach the finish line and can see the light appearing at the end of the tunnel, we enter an even busier phase of our move to the new location at 410 Gladstone. If you have driven by, you will notice that work on the exterior has started. We have painted the outside a beautiful green, and we are starting to build a beautiful fence that will contain our parking area, and working to lay down the ground cover.

In typical Red Apron fashion, we have a very ‘earth friendly’ solution planned four our exterior space and look forward to sharing details with you on that ‘first in Ottawa’ solution!

On the inside, we have been painting walls, finishing plumbing and electrical, and receiving new furniture and equipment. It’s not just a new space we are getting, we launched a new website last week, we are receiving a new point of sale system this week, and there is a number of new, exciting and expensive pieces of equipment that are being installed and tested this coming week.

Finishing touches are being installed which include decorative light fixtures, hand railings, and counters for the cash and bakery area, and tile in the customer bathrooms.

We are so thrilled with the colours and finishes and are extremely grateful to our designer Shannan Callaghan at Design Wise in Ottawa, a boutique design team that specializes in Kitchens and Bathrooms, but agreed to work with us on this project. With an extremely limited budget Shannon managed to make our space beauty through the careful use of colour and small accents like tile.