The Red Apron has been working on a community art project with artist Claudia Salguero. Claudia has been involved in several important art projects in our community, most of which are designed to raise community and environmental awareness as well as promote empowerment, self esteem and inclusion. Our project has been created in conjunction with the children of Cambridge Street Public School.

The mural speaks to the importance of community, and the connection between community, food and our local farmers – all things that are fundamental to the Red Apron’s core values.

This mural represents a link between local farmers and the community, supporting wellbeing and healthy communities. After listening close to Red Apron’s story and philosophy I simply loved the project because my murals are conceived to create awareness about mother-nature and community engagement.

– Claudia Salguero

The Red Apron has been located in Centretown for more than 15 years. We love being part of this community and wanted to brighten up our street with a beautiful piece of art that reflects our core values: Community, Support for Local Growers & Producers, and the importance of Food & Family.  To grow stronger individually and as a community we need to work together, inspire each other appreciate our work and differences.

The theme of Pollinators truly represents the values that we consider core to our business, and the opportunity to work on this project with Claudia and the students of Cambridge Street Public School was an honour. We could not be more thrilled with the end result!

– Jennifer, co-owner of the Red Apron

Claudia, Red Apron Staff, and the Children of Cambridge Street Public School working on our Community Mural

CBC Ottawa News Segment on our Community Mural

Aired October 31st, 2023

Words from the Community

We would love to hear from you, our community! Please send in your photos or thoughts about the mural to see them displayed below! Send us an email; or DM our social accounts.

Love this! What a beautiful addition to our community 😍

– High Jinx, local business

It was fun to work with Claudia! It feels really really special to see my work on the wall.

– Student muralist

This project has been blessed by the generosity and faith of everyone in involved: the Red Apron’s owners, the principal of Cambridges Street Community School who lended us a space to work at, the kids and volunteers who came to paint, and my mentee Sebastian Cruzwhose skills and have grown immensely since the day we started working together. I feel grateful and very colourful today 🥰 🐞🦋🕊🐝🌿🌾

– Claudia Salguero

It’s really cool to say hey mom, hey dad, I did part of that…I’m going to bring my parents so they can see!

– Student muralist

Beautiful! So thankful to have this addition to our neighborhood! Centretown and Ottawa more generally need more art / colour and less sad grey-beige buildings.

– Community Member

I like to mix the colours.

– Student muralist