A Friendlier Solution!

Re-usable packaging from Friendlier represents a giant leap forward for our business and our planet because our clients can receive a financial incentive to return the packaging for re-use!
  1. Purchase in-store or receive meal delivery from the Red Apron in the new packaging.
  2. Using a simple app downloaded from the Google Play or Apple app stores, you’ll scan a QR code on the bottom of your package or enter the code on in your account on the Friendlier website.
  3. Clean and return the container to a Friendlier collection bin, including those located at the Red Apron. If you are a Red Apron delivery client, you can leave your washed containers, stacked and sorted, in your cooler or on your front porch for our driver to collect.
  4. Friendlier Company will wash and sanitize the containers and returns them to the Red Apron to be re-used.
  5. You’ll receive a refund for the cost of packaging, or the money will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Electric Vehicle Delivery Fleet

In 2018, we replaced our one gas powered vehicle with two zero emission fully electric vehicles, which are used to deliver meals to our clients and run errands for our business. Today, our fleet of 5 fully electric vehicles deliver meals to over 170 homes in Ottawa on and average Fresh Meal day. We haven’t had to visit a gas pump in 5 years!

Compostable Containers

Some of our containers are compostable. These containers (Plant to Earth) go in your green bin at home and are great for collecting green bin items in your kitchen, before putting them in the green bin, reducing mess and smell in your home bin.

Container Sizes

When we package items for sale in our retail store, we use the smallest container and squeeze the most food into it that we can. Our goal is not to make the food in the container ‘appear’ to be more. Our clients know that the portions are generous, and new clients are always surprised by how much food we manage to squeeze into each container.


Our cardboard boxes, cans & bottles are separated from our garbage and recycled through our relationship with Tomlinson. They come three times a week to pick up those items, leaving very little that goes into the garbage.


Our food waste (trimmings, peels, ends) is kept separate from our garbage and stored for pick up by one of our farmers a few times each week. This provides our farmer with both income (as we pay to have it picked up) and also food to feed his pigs on the farm.

Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Our coffee supplier uses solar power to roast their fairly traded product, and it’s delivered to our door in their own fully electric vehicle. Their packages are 100% compostable, and we keep our spent coffee grains for them to pick up and they use them to fertilize their gardens. This is just one example of the innovated small businesses that we choose to support. 

Reusable Containers

During the growing season, our farmers deliver to us in reusable containers, and either transfer to our own reusable containers, or we hold them for our farmers to pick up on their next visit. Sourcing locally supports our community, and reduces the distance that food travels from field to plate.

Bring Your Own Bag Program

We encourage our clients to bring their own bag. If they forget, we charge 25 cents for paper bags, which are the only shopping bags we use. We also carry a wide selection of printed reusable canvas bags, and Hinza bags, made of compostable plastic.

Ontario Bike Destination

We are a destination for Ontario by Bike, providing easy access for cyclists, and a safe place to lock your bicycle on the City Bike Stands located on Gladstone Avenue, right in front of our store.

Bulk Ingredients

We source all of our ingredients in bulk, in their purest form. For example, loose vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, sugar, flour come into our shop in cardboard boxes, or large paper bags weighing anywhere from 10 to 22 kilos. Meat is sourced directly from the farmer and is packaged in bulk and boxed for delivery.