Weekly Menu

Fresh tastes built around local and seasonal products.


LIl Apron Meals

Lil Apron Kids Meals are prepared just like our regular meals, with a focus on healthy, local ingredients. Each Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you can add a Kids’ meal to your daily delivery. You can order as many as you like. They freeze well, and make great zero-waste lunches too! Just heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and serve in the blue Friendlier container.

Priced a $9.95 each, these meals will also be available fresh and frozen in our retail store.

These meals are created for, and portioned for children under 10.


BBQ Meal Kits

For the nights when you want to grill or roast and put a meal together yourself, we’re offering BBQ meal kits. Check the menu each week to see what delicious theme we’re featuring.

Fri-yay Feasts

Order a Friday Feast to kick off your weekend and re-capture that Fri-yay feeling – comfort food for these challenging times.


Oven baked fish tacos