Espresso being brewed

Centretown Brew is a complex blend of 5 varietals purchased directly from small- lot organic farms. These farmers care deeply about the land, their plants & the quality of the coffee they produce.

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee lovingly hand-roasts the beans to Red Apron’s specifications, using a unique Fluid Bed roasting system that is powered by solar electricity, generated at the roasters site.

Coffee, Tea & Baked Goods

  • Espresso

    A rich creamy shot of pure coffee with
    a thick layer of crema.
    Single shot $2.25
    Double shot $3.25

  • Americano — $2.50

    Ground fresh by the each to produce a light cream and a rich cup with depth of flavour.

  • Latte — $3.75

    A medium cup with a freshly ground shot of rich espresso, topped with steamed milk and a light layer of foam.

  • Cappuccino — $3.25

    A light airy layer of foam on top of a deeply delicious espresso shot.

  • Whole Beans 250g — $12.25

  • Steeped Tea — $2.25

    Pluck Brand – Spa Day, Movie Night, Masala Chai, Early Grey Cream and Canadian Maple

Scones, Sweet Buns & More

All of our baked goods are made using organic whole wheat, all purpose flour, & organic fair trade sugar.

Baked Goods

Each morning we bake off a variety of house-made sweet & savoury baked treats including scones, cinnamon rolls, fruit pies, pastries, muffins, gluten free baked goods, cookies, cakes and much more.


  • Daily Vegetarian Mini Quiche — $5.95

  • Whole Daily Vegetarian Quiche — $19.95

  • Breakfast Wrap — $11.50

    filled with local Beking’s Egg, aged St. Albert cheddar, black beans and salsa.

  • Breakfast Sandwich — $11.50

    Beking’s Egg, Bacon, Cheese & Spicy Mayo on Brioche Bun



  • Daily Hot Soup

    Small or large $5.95 – 7.95

  • Berkshire Ham & Cheese — $11.50

    Served on a Panini, with Creamy Celery Root Slaw

  • Roast Chicken & Cauliflower Wrap — $11.50

    Topped with Hummus & Pickled Beets

  • Roast Enright Beef — $11.50

    Topped with Tomatoes, Arugula, Dijon Mayonnaise on Panini

  • Chickpea Salad Wrap — $11.50

    Topped with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce & Sun-dried Tomato Dressing

  • Atlantic Salmon Nicoise — $12.50

    with herbed potatoes, Bekings egg, tomatoes, olives, green beans or asparagus

  • Glass Noodle Salad Bowl — $12.50

    with Roasted Tofu & Vegetables, Peanut & Tamari Sauce

  • Miso Noodle Bowl with Shrimp — $12.50

    Ramen Noodles, Miso Dressing, Shrimp & Seasonal Vegetables

  • Crudité — $12.50

    Seasonal Vegetables, House Hummus, Beings Egg

  • Small Side Salads — $6.45

    Seasonal Variety that includes Kale Slaw, Broccoli Salad, Beet Salad, Potato Salad

This week's favourite!

Roast Enright Beef Sandwich Topped with Tomatoes, Arugula, Dijon Mayonnaise on Panini