November 28, 2022

There are a lot of meal kit delivery services out there these days and everyone is looking to save time and money these days with rising food costs.

I tried one of the national brands recently and compared it to items you can purchase in the Red Apron’s retail store, or have delivered to your home.

My overall observations were that the meal kit food required me to dirty a LOT of dishes. For example one menu required 3 pots, a fry pan and two baking sheets to cook the entire dinner for 2. Overall the packaging was excessive, weighing in at over 3 kilos of packaging, including the ice packs. Without the ice packs the packaging weighed almost 1 kilo, none of which was reusable.

The Red Apron meals are 20 percent less costly per gram of cooked food, contain significantly less packaging and our Friendlier containers are reusable, so that means zero waste. The time required to reheat the Red Apron meal was 15-30 minutes, and the meals can be warmed in the microwave in the blue container, or in the oven in one oven safe container.

Overall Conclusion: Red Apron offers better value, less mess, more food, and much less packaging.